We Were Assaulted by Flash Factory.

In December 2016, I went to see a music event at New York City nightclub Flash Factory and was shocked when the security search suddenly and without warning turned into all-out molestation. Security literally grabbed my genitals with the palm of their hand, and for my female companion, they pulled her bra away from her chest and reached underneath to feel her breasts.

Upon speaking with other patrons, we quickly came to learn that we were not singled out; rather, this was Flash Factory's standard security practice. Their security is run by companies owned by Walter DeGolyer, including "Alpha 1 Security Group, Inc.," "Ward Security Inc.," and "Aegis Security & Patrol Inc." Two of these corporations have been dissolved by the state, and the third is not licensed by the state to operate a security firm, so it appears to us that Flash Factory's security lacked the legal right to operate. Apparently even with $18 drinks, Flash Factory still can't afford a legit security firm.

This abusive behavior is unacceptable, and we filed suit against Flash Factory and their security contractors in February 2017. We hope to give nightclubs and security firms the financial incentive to ensure that this indignity never happens again.

I created this site to ensure that everyone who is against sexual assault knows what Flash Factory is doing and avoids becoming their next victim or supporting the victimization of others. Please read and share your stories.

Stop sexual assault. Don't visit Flash Factory. ...and let Flash Factory know how you feel, via e-mail or Twitter.

Customer Stories

After filing suit, many people contacted me to share their stories of being assaulted by Flash Factory. Internet searches reveal many more publicly posted stories. Here are some of them (names removed from anything that was not posted publicly -- if your name is here and you'd like it removed, just send a note):

Reviews on Yelp & Facebook Pages

The [Flash Factory] security guard literally went into my bra...

...my bra searched, my prescription medication taken... [at Flash Factory NY]

Yeling sexual insults because non-American at NYC's Flash Factory

Replies to Our Lawsuit

After filing suit, our story was well-shared all around Facebook. These are some of the replies I was able to see:

They were pretty much giving breasts exams [at Flash Factory nightclub]

Had my nuts yanked at Flash Factory

I had the same experience [at Flash Factory NYC]

I have had a very similar experience at Flash Factory

Definitely got my balls grabbed [by Flash Factory security]

The karate chop to my taint [by Flash Factory bouncers] was a bit much

Omg that happened to me [abuse at club Flash Factory


Some started discussions of their own...

I have NEVER had any grab my boobs like that a[t] security before [except at Flash Factory]


...and some even e-mailed me with their stories:

[Flash Factory security search] rubbed his hands against my genitals cupping my scrotum in his hands

The Lawsuit

We sent several requests to Flash Factory's management, by phone, e-mail, and mail, describing the incident and requesting that they discuss the matter with us. We were entirely ignored. This probably resolves the problem for them 99% of the time, but one of their victims this time happens to be a civil rights advocate and third-year law student, well-versed in civil litigation.

Since Flash Factory apparently desires to be intimate with us, we thought it would be appropriate to file suit on Valentine's Day. And so, on February 14th, 2017, we filed a complaint in New York County Supreme Court, alleging battery and negligence against Flash Factory and their security contractor. The suit is well-covered on my civil rights blog, Professional Troublemaker. You'll find a copy of the complaint and can read updates as they happen by typing "flash factory" into the search bar at the top right.

So far, Flash Factory has denied all liability, indicated that they do not wish to settle the matter with us, and has even gone so far as to say we "should be ashamed" for complaining. We look forward to continuing with the case and letting a jury of our peers hold Flash Factory liable for their despicable behavior.


Sharing your story helps us to make this sexual assault stop. If you were assaulted by Flash Factory and are willing, please share your story with me. You can reach out to me by e-mail, social media, or on my blog with your thoughts. Or, if you're more comfortable sharing your story with my female co-plaintiff Elise, you can reach her directly at: elise at erisrevolution.com.

Please send any media inquiries to the e-mail address located on the contact page linked above.